About us

Haematology La Fe is constituted by multidisciplinary specialists with national and international recognized prestige, who integrate new advances in research as a result of their clinical activity, allowing an accurate, effective and fast management of patients with haematological diseases.

Haematology La Fe puts the patients and their needs at the core of the clinical, biomedical and teaching activity. The team work between the Haematology and Hemotherapy Department  (or Service Team )  and the Research Group allows the accurate application and assessment of diagnostic and therapeutic advances in haematological patients, promoting the quick application of new patient management strategies in the daily clinical practise.

Haematology La Fe has an extensive experience  supported by more than 50 years of career. We have the most forward-thinking techniques, being at the forefront of research and collaborating with the most prestigious experts.

Among both national and international fields, we are recognized experts in technological development for the management of haematological diseases, treatment of patients with myeloid neoplasms, umbilical cord blood transplantation, immunotherapy and management of congenital coagulopathies, especially haemophilia. Moreover, we are benchmark of quality and safety in transfusion medicine and apheresis procedures.

In addition, Haematology La Fe is very concerned with the training of future healthcare professionals and researchers through different training programs.