Haematology and Hemotherapy Service Team

Haematology and Hemotherapy Department (HHD) is composed by more than 150 multidisciplinary field professionals strategically coordinated by Dr Guillermo Sanz, Head of the Department.

The Department is composed by more than a hundred health professionals: medicine, nursing, biology, documentation or administration are the knowledge areas of this professionals.

For our department, it is essential the development of accredited quality clinical practice based on scientific evidence, scientific research and teaching improvement, as well as the  satisfaction of society needs and expectations, with both equity and maximum efficiency criteria.

Javier de la Rubia  is Head of the Hematology Department at Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe, Valencia, Spain, and Professor of the Department of Hematology at Universidad Católica “San Vicente Mártir” in Valencia. After earning his medical degree at University of Valencia, he was intern, resident and subsequently completed a fellowship in Hematology at the University Hospital La Fe. He continued as a especialist at University Hospital La Fe until 2014, when he was promoted to Head of the Hematology Department in Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset in Valencia until 2020.

Dr. de la Rubia is a member of the managing boards of the Spanish Society of Myeloma. In addition, he is member of the Spanish Society of Hemtololgy and Hemotherapy SEHH , from the Spanish Grupo of Apheresis, European Hematology Association, European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation, International Myeloma Society y del International Myeloma Working Group.

His main topics of interest are monoclonal gammopathies and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), as well as thrombotic microangiopathy. He is currently a reviewer for numerous high-profile medical journals including all top hematology journals, and has authored more than 250 peer-reviewed papers, numerous book chapters, and hundreds of abstracts at national and international meetings.