Haematology and Hemotherapy Service

The Haematology and Hemotherapy Service (HHS) of the  La Fe University Hospital (Hospital Uni­versitari i Politècnic La Fe) is formed by interdisciplinary specialists of recognized national and international prestige who integrate new advances in their care work, allowing precise and rapid management of patients with haematological diseases.

The HHS has among its objectives to provide a fast and comprehensive patient care. Prevention and early detection are the most effective weapons that the service has in its battle against haematological diseases. In the HHS, healthcare staff works alongside with the researchers, which allows the applications and evaluation of diagnostic and therapeutic breakthroughs in haematological patients, promoting a quick translation of the new patient management strategies into daily clinical practice.

The attention towards our patients is carried out in four main sections, each of them having personnel specifically trained in the care of haematological patients.

Our service has a “Day Hospital”, with highly qualified staff who offers out-patient specialized care to the haematological patient. During the “Day Hospital” stay, the staff would provide the patient and its family with the necessary information about the process and the required care, as well as permanent contact at home.

The Haematology and Hemotherapy Service is integrated in the Area of Clinical Management of Oncology and Haematology of the Hospital , alongside with the Clinical Oncology and Radiation Oncology services, proceeding as a reference service for the “Comunidad Valenciana”, as well as for numerous institutions in other Autonomous Communities  in Spain.