Hematology Diagnostic Unit

The Hematology Diagnostic Unit (UDHEM) is focused on the diagnosis and monitoring of hematological diseases. The UDHEM attends to the health needs of its health area and covers demands from other departments and communities. The UDHEM is constituted by four laboratories working in a coordinated manner and whose activity is closely related:

1.- Cytomorphology and Erythropathology.

2.- Flow Cytometry.

3.- Cytogenetics.

4.- Molecular Biology.

The UDHEM is currently made up of 8 physicians (5 deputies and 3 residents), 4 biologists, 15 laboratory technicians, 2 assistants and 1 administrative.

The laboratories of the UDHEM combine assistance, research and teaching activity. The activity of UDHEM is constantly growing due, in part, to the emergence of new and complex techniques that allow more accurate diagnoses of hematological diseases. Similarly, the progressive increase in patients treated in our Service, frequently undergoing new treatments, requires the assistance of our laboratories, for the diagnosis and monitoring of these patients.